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Warlock - one of the basic units in Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Available upgrades

  • Cloak - casts a spell that shifts Warlocks into hiding in the shadows for a limited amount of time, where they may escape to live another fight.
  • Meet the Beetles - turns an enemy unit into a harmless ladybird, disabling its attack and usage of spells for a limited amount of time.
  • Death from Above - summons fire and brimstone from the sky to rain down upon player's enemies, dealing massive area-of-effect damage over the target area.



  • "Warlock awaiting orders."
  • "Warlock ready."
  • "Warlock here."
  • "Warlock, ready for action."


  • "Yes?"
  • "Ready to blaze the skies."
  • "You rang?"
  • "My magic is charged."
  • "Yes, yes, yes!"


  • "Absolutely!"
  • "Moving out."
  • "Firing up."
  • "Let's float."
  • "Proceeding to location."


  • "Magic will prevail!"
  • "Sending them to another dimension."

=Under Attack

  • "Warlock is under attack!"
  • "My two balloons are bursting!"

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