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Trooper is one of the units in Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Available upgrades

  • Troopers Enhanced Engines - increases the movement speed of Troopers.
  • Spoils of War - allows Troopers to fully capture enemy buildings. The building, once captured, will be under player full control for the remainder of the battle.
  • For the Empire - Trooper - Trooper's core overloads, disabling his main attack and making him explode upon contact with enemy units or buildings, dealing significant damage but destroying him in the process.



  • "Trooper awaiting your instructions, commander."
  • "Trooper, ready to march!"
  • "Ready to follow you, even into death!"


  • "Pay me in blood."
  • "Troopers awaiting your decision, sire."
  • "I will stand until my last breath!"
  • "Let's get this dance of death started."
  • "Anything for the Empire!"


  • "There is no reason do doubt your insight, sir."
  • "The Emperor shows us the way!"
  • "We'll crush them, one leg at a time!"
  • "The grave be their destiny!"
  • "Is that a tree? Well not anymore!"


  • "I will crush their bones!"
  • "No-one defies the will of the Emperor!"
  • "I'll be the last thing they see!"
  • "Death before failure!"
  • "For glory and honour - and wealth!"

Under Attack

  • "Losing ground, sire!"
  • "We're under attack, but we will hold our ground!"

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