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The Raven is the player's flagship in Divinity: Dragon Commander. There are Generals at your disposals, as well as representatives of various races you have encountered. Among the ship's crew is also the wizard Maxos. Your actions on the Raven are directly intertwined with how your Generals, Princess and Politicians and nations will receive you and react to your interactions with them. Every action player takes will produce a reaction and NPCs will behave differently towards player depending on player's choices.

The Bridge

This is the heart of your ship, where you will make strategic decisions while surveying the world map. Apart from being the main control room, there may also be occasions where the Generals or Council Members seek your assistance when issues arise.

The Throne Room

In addition to holding your rightful throne, this room also functions as the gathering point of the Politicians who will try to convince you to take their sides regarding the establishment of a new order in Rivellon. They will ask for your support and guidance in political endeavours, which in turn will directly influence your standing with them and the nations they represent. Whether or not your decisions are favourable to these politicians will influence the goings-on aboard the Raven and those upon the battlefield.

Personal Quarters

Every emperor needs his rest, and your personal chamber is your respite from the trials of war. However, your bed will not remain only yours forever; your Princess will make her entrance here and shall decorate the room to her liking. One should always make sure her mind, among other things, is at ease.

The Bar

Apart from a relaxation area for your crew, many a General and Politician drops in here for a chat and a beer. Be sure to hear their opinions on how you are doing and how the war is evolving!

Engineering Bay

What better place for an Imp than in the bowels of a mighty warship? As such, here is where you will find Grumio,the head engineer who will happily tend to your warmongering needs. Talk to him to bring up the unit research panel.

Royal Chamber

This room functions as a study for your greatest ally: Maxos. A powerful wizard and good friend,he will gladly give you insight into Rivellon’s events, as well as bolster your dragon powers.Talk to him to bring up the dragon research panel. They say however,that this room is also the portal to something far more powerful than Maxos, and far more dangerous…

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