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Grenadier is one of the units in Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Available upgrades

  • Imp Binoculars - increases the attack range of Grenadiers.
  • Enhanced Explosives - grenadiers will gain a significant increase to their area-of-effect damage impact.
  • Chemical Warfare - grenadiers will fire off a hazardous projectile that diseases enemy units upon impact, dealing damage over time; activated ability



  • "Grenadier, fresh from the barracks!"
  • "Walking beer keg, reporting for duty!"
  • "All oiled up, and ready to go."
  • "Grenadiers, a-filled up with ale!"


  • "Rocket and roll, baby."
  • "Bang for your buck!"
  • "Ale for all!"
  • "Where's my goal, commander?"


  • "There'd better be a tavern!"
  • "Bring me the spoils of war!"
  • "No mountain can stop us!"
  • "A drunk man's orders are a sober man's thoughts!"
  • "In a straight line, now..."


  • "Time to get drunk and fight!"
  • "More kills, more beers!"
  • "They'll be squished like grapes, sire!"
  • "Theyll be hit by the man with th'hammer soon!"

Under Attack

  • "I'll be drinking honey brew real soon!"
  • "Somebody get the oil!"
  • "Tell my daughter I died drunk!"

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