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Dragonknights are mighty warriors trained and guided by wizard Maxos, who were able to turn in dragon form. Their mission was to protect lands of Rivellon against Chaos forces and keep on the peace and order.

It is known that they could break tides of any battle, Lord Lovis is good example to this, he personally killed 600 of Black Ring`s warriors and 3 generals in Battle of Ten Thousands

After theirs betrayal during the Great War,they were being hunted with army of Dragon Slayers

The most famous and strong were: Orobas, Lord Lovis, Amdusias, and Talana who was the last of living Dragonknights


Divinity: Dragon Commander

Main protagonist is one of the first Dragonknights who was predetermined to be new Emperor, have built his Empire of Rivellon

During Divinity Dragon Commander time there were a lot of Dragonknights-These time also called as the golden age of the Dragonknights

Divinity 2:The Dragon Knight Saga

During these events There are very few Dragonknights remain: Lord Lovis as a damned spirit and Talana after some events main protagonist will become the new Dragonknight.

Special Features

Dragonknights are live much longer than other humans.

They can transform in dragon and use dragon magic,but after ceremony of initiation.

They also have mind-reading ability and can see ghosts.

It`s quite simple to recognize them because of theirs silver eyes.

The Dragonknights cannot be injured by falling damage,it allows them to jump very high from almost any height without any risks With exception for jumping from Flying Fortresses