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Beyond Divinity is a spin-off of the Divinity series, based on the Divine Divinity engine and published in 2004. It was followed by Divinity II.

Story[edit | edit source]

You were a disciple of the Divine, a servant of light on a never-ending crusade to fight evil. But fate has made a terrible turn on you. During an epic battle with a powerful necromancer, dreadful daemon named Samuel tricked you and dragged you to his dimension. There you were trapped and tortured. But like every typical daemon lord, he had a very twisted, sadistic sense of humour, so he decided to chain your soul to that of a Deathknight. Thus he cursed you to spend the rest of eternity bound to a creature you were fighting all you life. Now you must work together to escape your prison and find a way to break this curse!

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